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Unformatted Attachment Preview Law College Notes & Stuffs For more stuff like this, Join here. Law College Notes & Stuffs TRIAL PROCEDURE IN CRIMINAL LAW 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS SERIAL NO. CHAPTER I HISTORY II BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF CRIMINAL PAGE NOS. CASES IN INDIA III PRE-TRIAL STAGE : REGISTERING F.I.R. IV COMMENCEMENT PROCEEDINGS OF BEFORE MAGISTRATE A) CHARGESHEET B) SECTION-200 OF CR.P.C. - EXAMINATION OF COMPLAINANT C) SUPPLY OF COPIES TO THE ACCUSED V FRAMIMG OF CHARGES VI TYPES OF TRIAL A) TRIAL BY SESSIONS COURT B) TRIAL SUMMONS IN CASE 4 AND WARRANT CASE C) SUMMARY TRIALS VII RECORDING EVIDENCE VIII FINAL ARGUMENTS IX JUDGMENT X CONCLUSION 5 LIST OF CASES 1. K.Veeraswami Vs Union Of India (1991) 3 SCC 655) 2. VC Shukla v. State through CBI 1980 Cri LJ 690, 732 3. Sanatan Mondal v. State, 1988 Cri LJ 238 (Cal) 4. Harihar Chakravorthy v. State of W.B., AIR 1954 SC 266 5. Ramakrishna Redkar v. State of Maharashtra, 1980 Cri LJ 254 (Bom) 6. State of J&K v. Sudershan Chakkar, (1995) 4 SCC 181 7. Omvati v. State (Delhi Admn.), (2001) 4 SCC 38 8. Vikas Kumar Roorkewal vs State of Uttarkhand & Ors, Decided by SC on 11th January 2011 9. Himanshu Singh Sabharwal vs. State of M.P. and others (2008) 4 SCR 783 10. Gurcharan Dass Chadha vs. State of Rajasthan, AIR 1966 SC 1418 11. Manek ...
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