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Must ALGEBRA IMPORTANT POINTS Examples : (i) 3x + 5 is a polynomial in x of degree 1. 7 y +5 is a polynomial in y of degree 2. Constant: A symbol having a fixed numerical value is called a constant. (ii) 4ya 2y+ • 5 Degree Of A Polynomial In Two Or More Vari- Examples : 8, -7, 9 i etc. are all constants. tables : Variables : A symbol which may be assigned dif- In case of polynomials in more than one variable, ferent numerical vlaues is known as a variable. the sum of the powers of the variables in each term is Example : We know that area of circle is given by taken up and the highest sum so obtained is called the the formula A = are where ris the radius of the circle. degree of polynomial. Here, n is constant while A and rare variables. Examples : Algebraic Expressions : A combination of con- (i) 7x2 – 5x+y2 + 3xy + 7y + 9 is a polynomial in x Vand y of degree 4. stants and variables, connected by some or all of the operations +, -, x and , is known as an algebraic ex- (ii) 4x°y- 5xy + 2x4 - 7 is a polynomial in x and y pression. of degree 6. Terms Of An Algebraic Expression Polynomials Of Various Degrees The several parts of an algebraic expression sepa- (1) Linear Polynomial : A polynomial of degree 1 rated by + or - operations are called the terms of the is called a linear polynomial. expression. Examples : 3 (i) 2x + 7 is a linear polynomial in x. Examples : (i) 5 + 9x - 7x2 + -XU Vil 2viu 7 isolinen nolaminlisand.. ...
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