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The Gas Constant (R) Values of R Here comes the tricky part when it comes to the gas 0.082057 L atm mol-1K-1 constant, R. Value of R WILL change when dealing 62.364 L Torr mol-1 K-1 with different unit of pressure and volume 8.3145 m3 Pa mol-1K-1 (Temperature factor is overlooked because 8.3145 ) mol-1 K-1* temperature will always be in Kelvin instead of Celsius when using the Ideal Gas equation). Only through appropriate value of R will you get the correct answer of the problem. It is simply a constant, and the different values of R correlates accordingly with the units given. When choosing a value of R, choose the one with the appropriate units of the given information (sometimes given units must be converted accordingly). Here are some commonly used values of R: el *note: This is the SI unit for the gas constant Sample Problem 1 5.0 g of neon is at 256 mm Hg and at a temperature of 350 C. What is the volume? Solution ...
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