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Standard Temperature and Pressure (STP) Standard condition of temperature and pressure is known as STP. Two things you should know about this is listed below. 1. The universal value of STP is 1 atm (pressure) and 0°C. Note that this form specifically stated 0°C degree, not 273 Kelvin, even though you will have to convert into Kelvin when plugging this value into the Ideal Gas equation or any of the simple gas equations 2. In STP, 1 mole of gas will take up 22.4 L of the volume of the container. Pressure Units Use the following table as a reference for pressure. Common Units of Pressure Symbol Unit Equivalent to 1 atm Atmosphere atm 1 atm Millimeter of Mercury mmHg 760 mmHg Torr Torr 760 Torr Pascal Pa 101326 Pa Kilopascal kPa* 101.326 kPa ...
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