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ية:. الدرج الا ./40.. 1) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c ord: 1 - The manager asked his assistant to the letters to company's clients. A fix B contact Cfax D mix 2- Amal wanted to know what of the new film. A do I think B I was thinking © I do think I thought 3- My horse injured a during the ride yesterday. A hoof roof C proof D loaf 4- William felt ill last night because he too many cakes. (A) was eaten B had eaten C has eaten D eats 5- Several people knew I was in trouble, but no one came to my (A save Brisk C rescue D safe 6- We to the waiter to bring us the bill. A analyzed sighed C sneezed O signalled 7-1 my friend how long I had stayed in Luxor. A told Bask C wanted to know D said 8- Sarah and her new classmate got as soon as they met. A by in D over 9- He used to travel a lot, but finally, he in Ashmoun. A seated B connected C sailed D settled 10- He.... punished for his mistakes until his father had arrived home. A didn't Bisn't © wasn't D hadn't 11- Egypt suffers from a number of problems such as crime and drugs. A social B sociable © private D trivial 12- As soon as he ...... we all will be waiting for him. (A) arrives B was arriving C will arrive will be arriving B) on se dieron Em ...
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