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Intermediate Pano!! l'hysics Postmortem Series (Special Edition 2021) Derive expression of railil and energy of quantized orbit 5. Explain Doht's model of the hydrogen atom. Write its postulates and give de-Broglie's interpretation of Boht's orbit (IMP) NUMERICALS: Electrons in X-Ray tube are accelerated through a potential difference of 3000 V. If these electrons were slowed down in a target what will be the minimum wavelength produced? 2. Find speed of the electron in 1" Bohir orbit. (IMP) 3. An electron jumps from a level E1-3.5 x10 ") to E2 -fl20 x 10"What is the wavelength or the emitted light? (IMP) 4. A tungsten target is struck by electron that has been accelerated from rest through 40 kV potential differences. Find the shonest wavelength of the bremsstrahlung radiation BMW LAHOR ...
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