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Physics Postmortem Series (Special Edition 2021) Intermediate Part-11 AMBITIOUS ACADEMY QUESTION LIST UNIT-15 THEORETICAL: 1. State and explain Lenz's law. How this law explains conservation of energy during electromagnetic induction (IMP) 2. What type of energy is stored in an inductor? Find the relations for energy and energy density in an inductor. (IMP) 3. Deſine motional emſ and derive a relation for it. 4. State Faraday's law and induced emf. 5. Discuss mutual induetion in detail. WHORE NUMERICALS: 1. A metal rod of length 25 cm is moving at a speed of 0.5ms in a directiun perpendicular to a 0.25T magnetic field. Find the emf produced in the rod? (INIP) 2. A square coil of side 16em has 200 turns and totales in a uniform magnetic field of magnitude 0.05T. If the peak emris 12V, what is angular velocity of the coll? 3. A circular coil has 15 turns of radius 2cm cach. The plane of the coulies at 40to a uniform magnetic field of 0.2 T. If the field is increased by 0.5T in 0.2$, find the magnitude of Induced em. 4. Two coils are placed side by side. An emf or 0.8v is observed in one coil when the current is changing at the rate of 200 As" in the other coll. What is the mutual inductance of the coils? (IMP) 5. A coil of 10 turns and 35cm'area is in a perpendicular magnetic field of O.ST. The coil is ...
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