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Physics Postmortem Series (Special Edition 2021) Intermediate Part 11 24. A pair of quark of quark and anti-quark makes it (a) Neutron (b) Proton Tor Meson (d) Photon SHORT QUESTIONS (* indicates into cuestions) AMBITIOUS ACADEMY QUESTION LIST UNIT-12 * Do electrons tend to go to region of high potential or of low potential? If a point charge of mass m is released in a non-uniform electric field with field lines in the same direction Pointing. Will it make a rectilinear motion? ili. Is e necessarily zero inside a charged rubber balloon If balloon is spherical? Assume that charge is distributed Uniformly over the surface iv. * How can you identify that which plate of a capacitor is positively charges? What is potential gradient? Prove that electric field intensity is equal to negative of potential gradient vi. Write the similarities & differences between gravitational and coulomb force vii. Define electron volt & Prove that lev = 1.6 * 10"] viii. What you got information from electric field lines? Define electric flux and give its unit. State Gauss's law. xi. to show that N/C = V/m Define time constant and give its formula What depend on the slow and fast charging and discharging of a capacitor? xiv. t A particle carrying a charge of 2c falls through a potential difference of JV. Calculate the energy acquired by it xv. * Verify that Olum times Farad is equivalent to second. xvi. A capacitor of off is connected to a potential difference of one volt. Find the energy V. ix. X. INNTIAN xii, xiii. ...
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