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Physics Posteri Satos2020) Internet ind MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS AMBITIOUS ACADEMY WORK SHEET CHAPTER 12 djectie 10) tard (e) of 1. A Capacitor stores enery in the form of (a) Magnetic field b) Ileat energy (lectrical - Allhely charged particle muy in both suspendet kan tas ut ruimte bila strengthenedesses (a) Outwand (b) Inward pad J. A capacitor is perfect insulator fur: (a) Automating Current Direct Current 4. Millikan and Fletcher cuid determine the charge ou will droplets in (Both and (a) Thermal Equilibrium tis lectus (e) Mechanical Equilibrium (d) trataule taquilibrium For computation of electric Dus, the surface area should be (a) Parallel 1) Flat (e) Cursed Total Nus through a closed surface depends on: (a) Shape of Surface (b) Charge emlosed only (e) Mellum only the 7. Equation 5 = E.A is applicable to surface (a) Splerical (b) Cylindrical re) this * = Ethen maximum value of fu are abntained if angewand Area: (a) 90° (b) 180° (c) 270 9. The number of electrons in one coulomb charge is equal to (a) 16x10" (b) 6.25x10" to 625x10 (d) 23:10 10. Absolute potential difference, due to a point charge of Cat a distance of this set by: (a) 9x10 Volts (b) x 10 Volts (c) 2x) Volts 151010 Volts 11. Which of the following unit is different from the other (a) Electron-Volt (b) Watt-hour (e) Joule Volt 12. The smallest possible charge which a particle can have h: ANORE ...
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