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(a) ampere (b) volt (d) all (a) 10 Missies Postmortem Series (Special Cdition 2021) Intermediate Part-11 is. The SI unit of current gain is: 16. Je transistor which terminals behave as a switch: (e) ohunmeter (d) it has no unit () Emitter & collector (b) Base & collector YE) Emitter & base 17. The open loop gain of the OP-amplifier is of the order of: (6) 109 18. The device which is used as amplifier and work with the Negative feedback is: (c) 10 (d) 10 Vol Operational amplifier (b) ep n transistor (e) pnp transistor 19. The use of LDR is in the circuit: (d transistor Night switch (c) Rectifier 20. A complete amplifier circuit made on a silicon chip and enclosed in a small capsule (a) Diode (n) Operational amplifier 31. The potential barrier in a diode stops the movement of (e) Resistor (a) Holes only tbt Electrons only (e) None of these (d) Both electrons & holes 12. The expression for current gain of an amplifier is, Nutc/. (b) Balc (0) )=1w/le (d) = Ich 23. For non-Inverting amplifier, R = and R2 = 0, then gain of amplifier is (b) 0 VC) +1 (d) Infinite AMBITIOUS ACADEMY WORK SHEET CHAPTER-19 1. A particle of mass 5.0 mg moves with speed of 8.0 ms Caleulate its de Broglie Wavelength? (a) 6,63 x 10m 70) 1.66 x 104 m (c) 5 x 10 m (d) 9.1 x 10m (b) Logic gate used as: (a) 1 TI ܝܘ ܘܐܐ ܘܠܐ ...
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