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(c) je (d) 4c 7.7 MeV Intermediate PanII Physics Postmortem Series (Special Edition 2021) Three up quarks combine to form a new particle, the charge number on this particle is: (a) te Yh) 20 The particles equal in mass but greater than profon is: (a) Mesons Xb) Baryons (e) Leptons (d) Hadrons 3. Energy given out per nucleon in p-p reaction is 217 (a) 5.2 MeV (b) 6 MeV 1856.4 Mev & which one belongs to Lepton's group: (a) Electron YO) Muons (c) Neutrinos Ved) All of these 7. A detector can count fast and operate at low voltage is: (a) G.M Countet(a) Solid state detector (c) Wilson cloud chamber (d) Bubble chamber & The dead time of G.M rube is: (a) 10 Sec (b) 10 Sec Yes 104Sec (J) 10 Sec %. Energy needed to produce an electron-hole pair in solid state detector (a) 1 to 2 eV b)3104 eV (c) 6 to 7 eV 10. A high potential difference of is used in G.M counter: ay 400 volts (b) 1000 volts (d) 4000 volts 11. The Pu+breeder reactor is called: (a) ACR (b) PWR (0) HWR 12. To shut down the nuclear reactor...... are inserted into the reactor: (n) Uranium rods / Cadmium rods (6) Plutonium rods (d) Iron rods 13. A Pair of Quark and anti-quark make at Meson (b) Photon (e) Baryon () Proton LNQ ...
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