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known as: (*) x-rays (b) Lightwaves té) Radio waves (c) Botha & (d) Presence of dielectric (c) Coll Woo Phases Postmortem Series (Special Edition 2021) Intermediate Part.11 17. The electromagnetic waves propagated out in space from antenna of a transmitter are 18. An AC continuously Rows through the plates of a capacitor because of (d) All of these (a) Charging of plates (b) Discharging of plates 19. An inductor may store energy in its (a) Electric field Wby Magnetic field (d) Neighboring circuit 20. The phase angle between AC voltage and current through a resister is: (b) 270 (6) 180 (d) 45 21. The basic element in a DC circuit is, 11) Inductor (b) Capacitor (c) Resistor M Battery 22. The impedance of an RLC series circult at resonance frequency is: tinimum Maximum (6) Zero (d) One 23. The Impedance of an RLC parallel circuit at resonance frequency is (a) Minimum Maximum () Zero (d) One 24. The SI unit of impedance is; (b) Hertz (c) Ampere Yoh Ohm 25. The net reactance of a circult is zero, The circuit may consist ok (a) Inductor (b) Capacitor (er Resistor () Both capacitor & Inductor 26. Power dissipation in pure inductive or capacitive circuit is: (b) Maximum (c) Minimum (Zero 27. A capacitor is a perfect insulator fors (a) AC WbjDC (c) Both AC & DC (d) None of these 28. If le is the peak value of an AC supply, then its rms value is given as I Vay 10/12 (b) lo. V (e) 10/0.707 (d) 1/2 29. Resonance frequency of an RLC series circuit Location (1) Henry (a) Infinite ANN AHORE ] ...
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I was having a hard time with this subject, and this was a great help.


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