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Physics Postmortem Series (Special Edition 2021 Intermediate l'art:// (a) - vBL. (b) - v/BIL ) - 16. The self inductance of a long tyverild with a number of turns per unit length is (a) HnA/I (b) HnA/I ter n'AI 17. The energy density of an inductor is: (d) n'IA (a) 1/2 (b) /28 (e) w/204 d) 15/21 18. The inductance is more is self induction is cored coil (a) Air (6) Iron (c) Tungsten (d) Steel 19. The mutual induction between two coil depends upon (a) Area of coils (b) Dumber of turns (c) Distance b/w coils w All of these AMBITIOUS ACADEMY WORK SHEET CHAPTER-16 1. The basic current element in the A.C circuit is: (a) an inductor (b) Resistor (e) Capacitor (d) All of above 2. The frequency of ac mains used in Pakistan is: (a) 30Hz Wh) 50 Hz (e) 60 Hz 3. A volimeter reads 220 V for an alternating suuree. The root mean square value of this voltage is (a) 220 V (1) 314 V Me) 154 V ) 110V 4. The point where the waveform crosses the time axis corresponds to phase: Voy and (b) 0 and 1/2 (e) #2 and 5. Capacitor is perfect insulator for: (a) A.C (by D.C (e) Both (a) & (b) none of the above 6. The average Power dissipated in a pure capacitor & inductor in a complete cycle of A.C (a) Large, zero (b) Infinite, zero VOZero, zero (d) 7. In R-L-C series circuit, at low frequency of AC Aource, the circuit behaver as: (a) R-L by R-C (C) KLC (0) L-C 8. Power factor of an ac circuit has unit of (a) Ampere (b) no unit Tren Watt a laule (d) 40 112 (0) 2 and 4 ...
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