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Unit 1: Characteristics of life I key topics Una is cellutav avgAAAA In unicelular organisms, one cell complexes all life Functions. In muliticii arganismi, multiple cells ware severately and together to perform specific functions, Awiticellular organisms are divided into five levels. waren in Cognan iul 1celis asics ruchure in organitms Specialised cells carry out vital Function exickin cells, od cells, etc. level2: Tissuea . Made up of cells similar in structurel function ex: Bond cells Parm together to creare und in ve Icveis: - Made up of issue that work togeth er to perform specific funcion Cc: heart organ made of muscle meyve, ndio TEVCI : Onstens Two or more OTAN at workrogether to carry out Punchland Humans have Alongan systems Ex: circula hovy, nervous, digestive, respiratavyere ILVES - living things that Larry wut all basic life une lang - All levels work together to croste Functioning armanis Humans have besic tissues; epithelial connective. muscolare and nerves. ...
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