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DNA Notes

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DEOXYRIBONUCLEIC ACID DNA DEOXYRIBONUCLEIC ACID SV fredrick Find Out ONA was what pissed down Crwin Chargraff: base pari 0-1 C9 rosaina froncino tored Sture of DNA with photo Soms watson-francsnok Created doute nei model 1-IMPORTANT -SCIENTISTS The digerent in an area tuon the sequence of the four stages bases along the DNA strands." THESE SEQUENCES FORM UNIQUE GENTNO novogs FORMATION WITHIN ORGANISMS Phosphore base degrey The closer the relationship between we otoons, the grlader the similarity in the horder of JONA nucleotides. Scientists use tobulinary rulationships nuelis tida sesences to determine among organisms. nucleotide ALL ORGANISMS SHARE -oderne THE SAME FOUR NITROGENOUS --Wymine 1-guanine BASES: DOLOR they mine The went of DNA Oper made of voici Mom Comed DACIONES. Nicoties nove o risa te 000100 Sustin onda Nitrous base Phosphate on one sucrous and four own croine Poste ...
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