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Page Layout References Mailings Review View Foxit PDF a. Crime H. Cal Cuviog D. Cimdi SCT0105 . DUCIDIOSY vitaw D. THIS 6. A body of knowledge regarding delinquency and crime as a social phenomenon. b. Criminology c. Sociology d. Offense 7. Inasmuch as crime is a societal creation and that it exists in a society, its study must be considered a part of social science. a. An Applied Science b. A Social Science c. Dynamic d. Nationalistic 8. It is concomitant with the advancement of other sciences that has been applied to it. The statement best descryes: A. dynamic B. criminology C. social condition D. criminalistics 9. The science of behaviour and mental processes of the criminal. It is focused in the individual criminal behaviour- how it is acquired, evoked, maintained, modified. Sociology b. Psychological Criminology c. Psychiatric Criminology d. Environmental Criminology 10. Anthropology, psychology, sociology and other natural sciences may be applied in the study of the causes of crime, while chemistry, medicine, physics, mathematics, etc. may be utilized in crime detection. a. An Applied Science b. A Social Science c. Dynamic d. Nationalistic ...
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