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My life in Timeline Life is so precious.It is a gift from above in which we have to take care of.As we know life starts in the mother's womb.Our mother waited for nine months until she gave birth.During my 0-6 months,1 begun to smile,crawl and walk a little steps.I imagined how excited my mother was everytime I made a few steps. When I was 1 year old,my mother started to teach me alphabet letters and counting numbers.I practiced writing my name when I was 2 years old.And when I was 3 years old I began to attend church lessons for kids and memorized some bible verses.My mother told me how proud she was of me because many people appreciated me Everytime I sung Infront of them. My mother continue teaching me how to write and read untill I am 7 years old.During my elementary education I received many certificates,medals and awards.I saw my ...
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