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A Level Biology Introduction to Biomolecules

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St Andrews Junior College
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monomers linked by covalent bonds long molecules made up of many repeating monomers which can be similar identical requires the addition of I wator molecule across each bond polymers a chemical reaction in which two molecules combine to form a langer molecule, with the velease of a small molecule such as water lipids proyens larger molecules are de aved a chemical reachon whereby the covalent bords that hold the basic units together polymers may be disassembled to moro mers throngha hydrolysts reaction nucleic acids carbohydrates in a polymer monomers are covalently bonded to each other through a condensation reaction macromolecules break slowon formation hychogen valency: 1 oxygen valency: 2 Introduction to biomolecules lutacidic Talaiali. ...
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