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X Verify 4 图 1/16 @9 in./min EWD Relative Simulation NOO G91 NO1 M06 T01 NO2 MO3 S3000 NO3 G00 X.9375 Y.3125 NO4 GOO Z.25 N06 G01 Z-.3125 F9 NO7 G01 X-.625 YO NOS G01 XO Y1.375 INOB NO9 G01 X.625 YO N10 GO1 X-.625 YO Ni G01 10 Y-.6875 N11 N12 G01 X.625 YO N13 GOO 2.25 N14 GOO X.25 Y.6875 N15 G01 Z-.3125 F9 N16 G01 80 -1.375 N17 G01 X.125 YO N18 G01 X.1875 Y.6875 ;Incremental Coordinate Tool Change-Tool 1-? End Mill Spindle On CW-Speed 3000 RPM Rapid to Above Point Rapid to 0.25 Above Part A Punge 1/16 @ line interp left to B interp up to C interp right to D Vine intero down to E F Retract cutting tool Rapid to to Above Point G Plunge 1/16 @ 9 in./min Straight line interp down to H Straight line interp right to Straight line interp to EWL INDO CO1 V 1875 V.6875 Ctrainht line intern to K ...
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I was having a hard time with this subject, and this was a great help.