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9. Hostility: A) partnership B) gloomy 10. Luxury: A) badness B)very easy C) antagonism C) expensive living D) friendship D) bagary Part III:-Choose the word that is most nearly opposite/antonym in meaning from the given alternatives (1 point each) 1. Proximity: A) diversity B) complexity C) substitution D) distance 2. Confront: A) squander B) take seriously C) avoid D) misplace 3. Maternal: A) protective B) motherly C) paternal D) sympathetic 4. Enhance: A) weaken B) sympathize C) fascinate D) resist 5. Lucrative: A) indolent B) refined C) somber D) unprofitable Part IV. General Business Questions. Choose the correct answer from the given alternatives 1. Written communications in business should A. use long, informative sentences. C. use technical language. B. be clear and easy to understand. D. be totally impersonal. ...
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