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38. The new manager of the company insists that all employees should adhere to the company's regarding dress and belatedness. A. principles B. principal C. standard D. A and C 39. What is the level of of this electronic equipment? A. accuracy C. exactness B. precision D. all of the above 40. How did Commercial Bank of Ethiopia its employees after the training was over? A. apprise B. appraise C. describe D. all of the above Directions B: Spelling From the following groups of words one has a different meaning from the other three. Which word do you think is it? Write the letter of your choice on the answer sheet. (1 point each) C. sheltered D. treacherous 41 A. hazardous B. perilous C. cheerfulness D. detestable B. delight 42 A. contentment ...
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Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.