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А D. Lionel Robbins QUI Circle the correct option te. NBC/D. Esel part carries one mark Who is called "Father of Economics Adam Smith Alfred Marshall C. Malthus () The basic problem of economies is A Corruption at ovt officers B Inefficiency of workers Selfishness of people Scarcity of resources ( Which one is non-economic activity A leading of lawyer B. Exerche for health Teaching of teacher D Sewing cloth by tailor ti) When MU is zero then TU will be A Increasing B. Decreasing C Maximum D Minimum (0) Who introduced the concept of indifference curves to explain consumer's behaviour A Adam Smith B. J.R Hicks C Alfred Marshal D. Lionel Robbins (vi) Assumptions of a law are called A Constants B. Variables C "Independent variables D. Parameters (vii)Decrease in demand due to rise in price is called A Contraction B Extension C. Fall D. Rise (V) if 59. decrease in price results in 10% increase in quantity demanded then the elasticity of demand will be A Equal to unity B. Less than unity C Greater than unity D. All of these (is) Which of the following describets) the law of supply? A Sunnh. ...
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