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38. Do you have any questions for me? that is typically answered at the very end of the interview. Employers may mistake this for a lack One huge interview mistake that you can make is to say "no" to this common interview question of interest in the job or even a lack of intelligence on your part. Before the interview, come up with benefits. It will create some sought of bad impression. Most of the people are out of the interview a general question that you can ask about the company. So many people make mistake in this question. They will start discussion about the salary and nature of the product, upcoming projects etc. After asking your question you can say.” Finally , by this question only. If you want to ask a question, ask related to the profile, duties of the job, had so many questions but you answered them all. I am feeling so comfortable thank you so Whether you are person who in your attitude that doesn't What is the reason for instability you lerviewer fears you may lease may be unstable, or a "problem person fast, before you even get to the interview less important ones. Perhaps you can spec yper. If there are several entries on your years not in months and years. Sample answer: "Job X was a temporar- bal for more work Job Y was a startu shey had hoped and the company went company vision that I simply could no much. whose goals I believe HR Interview Questions For Experienced Ones Tell me about a situation wher astinn hecause it ...
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