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thought once or twice, but my whole career has been in larger organizations. That's where I have excelled and where I want to be." Third, if you don't want your the question without answer Most importantly, remembe The best answer of all is to vamish, replaced by respec If the corporate culture is closer to the free-wheeling, everybody's-a-deal-maker variety, then seeing your own ideas and plans take shape...combined with the resources and stability of a well- emphasize that in a firm like this, you can virtually get the best of all worlds, the excitement of established organization. Sounds like the perfect environment to you. In any case, no matter what the corporate culture, be sure to indicate that any desires about running 27. How do you defines Give a well-accepted der achievements your own show are part of your past, not your present or future. settling for the corporate cocoon...or the restless maverick that will fly out the door with key accounts, Sample answer: "The be of a worthy goal. As to successful and fortuna indeed represented a The last thing you want to project is an image of either a dreamer who failed and is now contacts and trade secrets under his arms just as soon as his bankroll has gotten rebuilt. Always remember: Match what you want with what the position offers. The more information you've uncovered about the position, the more believable you can make your case, Sample answer. "I didn't think about starting a business. First reason is my financial status. Apar from it, I would like to invest my skills on your company so that I can earn through it. I believe your company will provide me better opportunity rather than what I can find in business." 28. If you won $10 This type of question about what you do Sample answer: "Z some fashion. Win TL ...
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Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.