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If you're not working, you can talk about other employment possibilities you're actually explomme But do this with a light touch, speaking only in general terms. You don't want to seem manipulative or coy we presented to choose the most przed of all the our company reputation 18. What do you worry about? Admit to worrying and you could sound like a loser. Saying you never worry doesn't sound credible wanderstand Or you can say "7 would neves Redefine the word 'worry' so that it does not reflect negatively on you. 2. Who has inspired you in Example: "I wouldn't call it worry, but I am a strongly goal-oriented person. So I keep turning over in my mind anything that seems to be keeping me from achieving those goals, until I find a solution. That's part of my tenacity, I suppose." The o traps here are unprep never been inspired. If you ra opportunity to present qualiti 19. How well do you manage people? Good communication skills are necessary to manage people. If you are a fresher, then tell about the situations which were well managed by you or organized with good examples. Use key words like goals, skills etc. How you impact on the people to get work has done or if you are experienced person tell about your experiences; how you surprised your sub-ordinates: how you initialize communicating company goals; how you interacted with other departments for attaining work. Tell him in a simple way Have a few heroes in mind, from history or anyone else Be prepared to give exampl schievements. As always, valuable in the position you 23. What was the toughe Be prepared with a good -hing it...! ...
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