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important to say thank you for the time the interviewer spent with you. If you don't bear Always anything after one week, call to politely ask when they will be making a decision You can Note: 1 н. There is no exact right or wrong answer for an interview question. The main point is you have to convince your interviewer. Many of the questions under the category of Interview Questions for New Graduates are also asked for the experienced ones. Be care disguise bit of a stando overco Interview Questions for New Graduates Bewar weakn 28 1. Tell me about yourself. When responding to this request, you should focus on both your personal and professional values. Always be honest, but talk about your best traits only, especially those that relate to the position for which you are applying. Highlight experiences and accomplishments you are most proud of First of all introduce yourself by saying your Name Your College, Branch etc. For ex musel qualit deleg Then tell him your hobbies, your strengths, your skills , if you know any programming language you can mention that, then comes your achievements and finally about your family that's Orya every But at the end ask him that "Would you like to know anything else sir?" IMP Tannon dona ...
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