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7. Employees who never take company supplies or equipment, such as pens or tools, for their own use help the business to A. control expenses. C. control shoplifting. D. reduce external theft. B. increase profits. 8. Asking questions is important because it A. helps you become a passive participant in the conversation. B. gives you a chance to voice your opinion. C. can clear up misunderstandings. D. helps your brain process speech more quickly. 9. When prioritizing work, employees should place the most importance on work that involves A. tight deadlines. C. interactive tasks. B. routine activities. D. interpersonal communication. 10. Motivation can be anything that drives a person to pursue a(n) A. raise at work. C. achievement award. B. certain outcome. D. promotion. 11. Telile communicates openly, even when it's difficult. She demonstrates Lilit ...
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