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Computers and operating systems 3

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Whenever you turn on the computer, the operating system, which is the most important program in the computer, starts automatically. An operating system controls almost everything a computer does, such as recognizing the input from the keyboard and mouse, sending output to the monitor, and organizing and managing files and folders on the computer. There are different types of operating systems. For e.g. Microsoft Windows*, Linux, Mac OS, MS-DOS, UNIX, and so forth. Activity 1: Exploring the Microsoft Windows Step 1: Turn on the Computer Turn on your computer by pressing the Power on button on the computer. When you turn on the computer and the operating system has finished loading, the computer's Desktop is displayed on the monitor. The desktop is the screen you see when you turn on the computer. Step 2: Learning about Desktop After you turn on the computer, the monitor will display a main image on the screen. This is called the desktop. The desktop is so named because it functions like a “virtual" desk workspace; it has place to work, a place to file documents, and is the location of various tools to help you complete your tasks. There are many icons or small pictures on the desktop. A ...
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