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Computers and operating systems 4

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Step 1: Exploring Desktop Using the Mouse 1. Hold the mouse gently with your index finger resting on the left button and your thumb resting on the side. 2. Move the mouse by sliding it slowly in any direction. Notice that as you move the mouse, the pointer on your screen moves in the same direction. 3. 3 Click means to point an item on the screen, then pressing the primary button (usually the left button) of mouse once and quickly letting it go. Most of the time you will be doing left clicking. As a general rule, "Click or single click” refers to clicking the primary button (usually the left button). 4. Right click means to point an item on the screen, press the secondary button (usually the right button) and release it. 5. Double click means to point to an item on the screen and press the primary button (usually the left button) twice very quickly. Note that if the two clicks Am ...
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