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Structure Condensed Formulae Name of Molecular alhane formular methane CHA CHA H H-C-H ibido CUCO PORT pload госро 1 foto) guce C SC ethane Ca Ho CH₂ - CH₂ B elek pot Soyala cite Top BS மம் ructu propane CH CH-CH-CH₂ I-U-I II I-U-I picole selor poco butane # H-C C-H 1 H H 보 H-c -- C-H d 4 H H H &-&-&- (-H 1 H H H H H H H 4 e-&-&- C- C-H it it it ih IC-C- CH HHH 2- E-H H H H H H i H H H H H H H-C-Ć - c-i-ci il ? CAC HO CH₂ - CH₂ - CH₂ - CH₂ 1 H 7200 தலா pentane CH2 | CH₂ - CH₂ - CH₂ - CH₂ - CH₂ H H H herane GHIA CH₂ - CH₂ CH₂ CH₂ - CH2 - Ch D CO heptane tin CH-CH-CH-CH-CH CH₂ - CH₂ اک ...
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