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TNT 39% 1:34 PM 6 [Read only]file- Cooperation Document the regulations is to generate reports to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and to local authorities. This allows individual incidents and trends to be examined so that authorities can develop strategies to prevent future injuries and ill health. LA Safety Management System (SMS) Functional requirements(SOLAS) Report of an injury or dangerous occurrence This form must be filled in by an employer or other responsible person Part A Part About you About the injured person What is your full name? If you are ring a dangerous 90 patach the desk for at Cand Port for each injured person What is the time What is your one 2 What is their home address and postcode? About your organisation + What is the name of your organisation What is soos and pote? 3 What is the home phone number What type of work on the organisation dot Part B About the incident On what the incidenten R At what the indepen 7 Was the injured person (ich only one box) one of you omgee on a training scheme? Gede ...
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