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FIVE POINT SCORING RUBRIC EXERCISES: 1. Take a picture/ draw of a plant, a tree, a building, or an object that you can see in your surroundings and discuss how Mathematics is embedded in your chosen object. EXCEL 5 POINTS LENT Shows complete understanding of the underlying mathematical concepts needed to tackle concepts Explanation is well-written Presents concepts that make use of at least two other disciplinal perspectives, and shows deep understanding of mathematics as a tool in these disciplines through innovative connections among varied disciplinal perspectives VERY 4-POINTS SATISF ACTOR Shows nearly complete understanding of the problem's mathematical concepts. Y Explanation is clear but few simple details are missed. Presents concepts that make use of at least two other disciplinal perspectives and shows substantial understanding through innovative solutions, but a few disciplinal connections are missed. 2. Write an essay on what new ideas in mathematics have you learned or changed your previous beliefs about mathematics? CATTST DOINITO ...
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