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What is the name of the movable part at an airplane wing? Y Brasilang qualits that preanchalur) 15 } 35 Nr de ela dos several triangles on the boord she asked the seden's lo mire he angles of no frangles with their prorocta alle ha elvity, the clasa concluded that the suin of te anyles of a thangle is oqual to 180 degrees What leading strategy was used by the eacher? A Cypository C Deductive 다. Teroristration D Discovery Mrs Perez has been noticing Oport in the classroom every time students hear the bel Chidsen rush 10 the door, tesks ternain filtered, materials scattered on the table, and vedla jarrs at the door It hae become impossible d her to give instruction to the pupils Which is a parble causs? A The teacher wants to maintain a Desinsette classroom atmaphere B. The teacho connue. Izhing ocht op to the fust bel C The teacher did not provide sanctions, D The vacher tailed to establish acting, Which of the following objectives could be finost appropriately taught through decus 3100 Descrbo the major causes of air pollution in Metro Manila Develop class ruico for the year C Describe Rizal's motive in Noli Me Tangere C Demonstrate the feasbihty of nuclear power as an energy B Source conmanon 16. The meang routine of ks. Lera consists of grezaong the scor for ay b-econ, checking rouals and couponert end dong other and actries nat will promote an cudesty and sale place of leaming. There aciwnies are pano А Setúng management C Routne management B Conduct management D. Clarate management iproperly 47 How can wars Dato best handle the ruutne of atiendance taking? Call the roll as íası as she car at the start of the days lesson, В Ask students to turn tri nasner frorn a picke Giant placea doser , the door as they enter. C. Assign a monitor to ched, attendance and report craily the attendance by sons and tables. Ask students to write their name on sips of paper and drop Mern in an "Attendance Bor . 1 37 Mis Hadero using cooperative learning approach in her social science lesson Sro is quite succesful in establishing a cooperative classroom ethics characterized by a safe, caring community of loames. What will be her initial step in order to successfully implernent cooperative leaming approach? A Arrange the learning environment B Establish positive interdependence Cicentity academic and social obiectives D Determine group size and membership 3 29 Which objective could be taught best using an inquiry method? To diagram sentences B To know the city of dem, on coat c TO Cinguish between living and non-living things Ć io uisunguisn between Christianity and Euddhism x Wise Narzen water to establish oild on the very first day. Wnicio action is imperative for her? Be in the rocni wne! pupils am 12. В Give a long list of rules and sanctions с G.19 alcogaraignment to corn and respect, X Etanach you selfirrmedia et 63 the supreme auto Br. 5272a: believss that students should bo given uurt toescon 2.d au onorny to pursue their own icarrang. She pretere strefirods that locus more on those that prepare them for ute PODOTE. Which emerging leschug approach would be mos! useh: Dicoletose areng? 55 In checkie CSSTOOM sanagement, the closure of a lesson 13 ás limporaint as its beginning Which siatsnent is suggestre of 54ectve nagement of cosure? ...
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