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CLASSIFIED EXAMINATION FOR CRITICAL TEST ANALYSIS PROFESSIONAL EDUCATON 3 9 45 11 12 :3 47 BOARD LICENSULE CYRINATION FOR PROFESSIOVAL TEACHERS 15 10 1/ 18 13 Haroing: This material is proteird by copyright laws. Wanthorizei rse suall ne procesov d in lie tuli estens of the Pullipine Laxs For esc!a iive use of CBRC review.ces only. 27 را که نه ت، ف 55 منة 1 2: 24 r 1 20 27 23 29 30 31 The most reliabie rieasure of cental tendenc en there are talen? Scores: A Meal C. Niente B Alegian D Standard Deviation arrange 2 al's cercin her LT are the following: 92, 88, and 91. Vonai is e muulan 92,91 88 89 C 02 Si :05 34 10 hit can be inderred from our standard deviatics? Oraleterogenous Sa hoinogene OUI Sco35 aascatered D. Srcesce farining nean Aleptekurtc distr.guica siguries hat A Alsores ait area je meso 5 Mosis02:19. Te a leiage, very 32"-551 Ciclo: Goto C Scores ars hgte ozene?! The distribuir Črstu proces - bimodal platy $ с P-percentile higher 2 studionice singla lesi, Hans Ti peatre 30.7. 2: DATCEnt of the class Priscarei.2: Va: 80 recep the cas La maneged u get oct he resi itains if a csibuaci is skevien i terg'i i vunnet 31 A The vulles are antiemely ugi Б Te scores are very IV C DO ...
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