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18 V TN thinking strate;y rorono to narrowing down ideas from big COCO80 mai A Divergent C Inductive thinking В. Convergent Smy D. Catcal thinking С. Golosany Pambansa Blg. 232 D PD 1006 30. This is also known on the Entrancod Basic Education Act of 2013 A K.12 B RA 7706 RA 7722 D Toachor'u Prolougionolization Act of 199.1 1836 19 tesde ched 31 The wors to the collection of works, artifacts, ond ni wos of a aludeni ong may e Toatia oin for usvoosmon А oric CAnecdotal kopor Tortolo At Woo 01 D. All of the ab Students Vhich of the following doca no Cosenbo o holaue cubrio in ocoring? A Itulizes a sings cleron B Thu student 18843 od bused on a gracilis iugut. Husus at leo basis D. Bundc 23 holiste LET Which of the following corvos as a pro requisito lo oinployment and will ensure that only compotant loachers will bo granted privilogo to loach to school? А. Licensure and royintration TEDPA с BESRA Basic Education D National Competency-Based Teacher Standards NCBIS 21 Withiness nens A That the facter kno'ns overywing tha: happens around tho four cours or the classroom 8 That the water ha mostriyan her cuntent с Thal tha stucons and leacion ave muvai rupect for each А 52. Which of the following will disquality a teacher to become a momber of tho hoard of professional teachers? Anru and Filipino cilizon that has 15 years of continuous teaching experience should be natural born B mother of the credite 019531onal organizaldun for Teachers с A registered proie33 una forter on ito Republic of the Phuppies who celebrated her 10buthday last year D An English instructor with pendmg bigamy Case D That the studonis won ore ways the priority all 22 l'on a teac:20::125 107 unu topic to another without assassing na students ans 1250 10 rbsorb the inonuclions, this practice ents. vling Truncatio 8 Thrust DE1-. 33 2) Wickher is stan werfeniple, drle rent activitie at the sa LWS A _6. Suruusbon 30 6 Mi53 Sho: attenton pan faired 7" Solo recont LET According to the law, shy can be referred to as a pare teacher. Which of the following is not correct about par3-toachers? A They will be assigned mostly to areas hat are underserved. depressed, or isolated. È These leachers failed to reach the ninnum GWA of 75 but have grades belgiv 75. 70 above C They ill be allowed to teach uincer curtain circuris arces based on R9293 D They are cover by the Code ch Ethics for Ploiessional Teachers 20 1 na ing chall! ; Our shment is lear: bcly to attect Słuccion: 7211221;? not harmfait ...
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