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с. D Composing a novelty song Learning the French language 1 65 Who is the proponent of respondent conditioning? А. Ivan Pavlov C. Bandura В. BF Skinner D. Thorndike 66. Which of the following teacher most likely demonstrates Bandura's work in teaching? modeling A She shows the student how a dance should be performed В. She relates the new knowledge from a previous uxparienco C She punishes an unruly student D She provides assistance as the student performs 67 Which of the following refers to the law of effect by Thorndike? A If the end result will be beneficial to the student he/she will probably perform well B. The niore the student repeais perfoming an act, the higher the chance that he'll perfect it exercise C. The rate of practice is inversely proportional to the level of performance exercise D. If the student is prepared io accept the now knowledge, he or she will be able to perform well readiness 68. ZPD is concept popularized by A Vugotsky B Thorndike C John Locke D. Albert Ba...3 -END- red. The ...
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