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Time allowed 15 minutes a + 2H₂ = 2720 SATION-ATMARKS NOTE: Section-A is compulsory All parts of the section are to be answered on the separately provided OMR answer sheet should be completed in the first 15 minutes and handed over to the Center Superintendent. Deletingoverwriting is not allowed. Do not used lead pencil. 0.1 Choose the correct answer i.e. A/B/C/D by filling the relevant bubble for each question on the OMR answer sheet according to the instructions given there. Each part carries one mark 1) Which among the following has greater number of atoms? A. One mole of oxygen 2 3. One molecule of sulphur trioxide C. 100 amu of uranium 1 D. 44 g of carbon dioxide 2) What volume of so, at room temperature and pressure is produced on heating 9.7g of zine sulphide (Zn) if reaction takes place as follows +30 20+250 A. 1.2dm moles of Zn = o. B. 24dm C. 3.6dm D. 4.8m 3) Methane reacts with steam to forms H, and CO as shown below CH +H,00 -03H 955 What volume of H; can be obtained from 100em' of methane at the standard temperature and pressure? A. 500cm B. 200cm C. 150cm no 503 0.32 molei. 32 2zas. mass of Zn = 9.79 5-32 0.10 ...
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I was having a hard time with this subject, and this was a great help.


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