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Bidogy GENETICS T Polymere the accumulative interaction between Criptomery the recessive epistatic gene that masks the many genes that determines a trait other gene. Pi: Red Х white M₂ M1 M2 M₂ m, m, m₂m2 Pi = Red x white GO . M1 M2 Mim AAbb aa BB epistatic gent AB FI CI Ab P2. Hima Mim, Mam 2 (100% intermediate red) Mim, Mam₂ x Mimi Mama M, M2 m, M2 m. m2 M. M. MIM, M2 M20 M, M, M 2M₂ R Mim, M2 M24 Mim, M2 M2 IR Mi M2 M. M, M2M, R Mi Mi M2 M21R/Mim, M₂ M2 M, M, M₂ M₂ P th, Mz M, M M2MzM. M. M2 mmim, MzMy Mimima mzp m. m2 M. m. M2 M2 11M, m, M. m2 p/m, m, M2M 21 mi mim, M2 W Fi = Aabb 100% purple Pe Aa Bb х AaBb Purple white red Complementary (L, where two / more genes complete the expression of the other. it's also called double recessive epistasis, is when a gene is double recessive. Dark Red - Red : Intermediate red : pink white 1 4 G 4 : 1 + . Red Red 15: white 1 Double dominant epistasis ...
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