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WATER HAS HIGH SPECIFIC HEAT CAPACITY heat capacily the amount of heat required to raise its tempt by a given amount. HOW? -molecules must gain energy by moving rapidly. the tempt raise w Hydrogen bond must be ? broken down to allow free ? movement. Specific heat capacity the amount of heart evengy required to raise the tempt of 169 of water by 1'c !!! BECAUSE OF HYOROGEN BONO MORE ENERGY NEEDED TO RAISE TEMPT OF WATER HOW? WATER HAS HIGH LATENT HEMT OF VAPORIZATION latent heat of vaporization measure of the heat energy needed to vaporize a liquid, changing it from liquial to gas. hydrogen bonds have to be broken before molecules can escape as a gas. the water vaporize energy transfered to broice hydrogen bond between water molecules. loss of energy in environment causes WATER HAS LESS DENSITY IN SOLID FORM ..... its solid form, ice is less dense than its liquid form حامل ہے. ما امره م مه هه ما ...
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