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ENDOCRINE SYSTEM is a chemical control system. It functions in conjunction with the nervrons system to control the internal environment (homeostasis) Hormone): chemical messanger, Nervous System VS Endocrine system. Based on the structure (both system enable cells to communicate with other O Peptide Hormone by using chemical messengers) made of protein hydrophilic Chemical neurotransmitters hormones big Messenger can't enter the cell. It will activate and -ary Location messenger cause enzymatic cascade target cell Steroid Hormone of message synapses omade of lipid (cholesterol) effects rapid 8 short lasting slower L longer lasting hydrophobic small it can enter the target cell controls muscle & glands activities of cells directly bind to cytoplasmic receptor of DNA Exocrine Endocrine Homeostasis: a stable internal environment - Cnutrion, metabolism, excretion, water, and salt balances. Feedback mechanisms o produce enzyme produa hormone ...
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