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Aldali Inc. Internal Analysis


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Aldali Inc. Internal Analysis

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It is important to analyze the internal capability of a business since it offers an
understanding into the business’ areas of strength as well as the inherent weaknesses. According
to Cadle et al (2010), most business pundits often endorse ‘sticking to the knitting while looking
into implementing changes in the business.
Aldali Inc. is the business that the internal analysis it going to be done. This Tampa, FL
family owned business wants to look at the level of capability with respect to its momentous
growth. This analysis should provide the management with a way of increasing sales of its
product, Asteeza Natural Body Wonder.
The analysis of Aldalis internal capability is vital to comprehending where the
organization’s core skills lie. This is important since it will be easier to identify appropriate
courses of action. Any changes made after such analysis is set to guarantee great chance of
success. “There is little point in adopting strategies that are dependent upon areas of resource
where strong capability is lacking” (Cadle et al, 2010). Internal analysis, therefore, enhances
efficiency in resource allocation, specialization, and value creation.
The objective of the company is to increase their brand strength and widen their
distribution network within the local Tampa Bay area. To achieve this, the company has
embarked on accessing of its internal capacity to handle both objectives. This analysis seeks to
establish whether Aldali Inc. commands sufficient resources, skills, and competencies to carry
out what they have set out to accomplish. The analysis will also use the internal analysis
techniques to give alternatives where there are deficiencies.

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The internal capability of any business can be analyzed using four different techniques.
SWOT Analysis, MOST Analysis, Resource Audit and the Boston Box are the techniques that
are essential in analyzing the internal capability of a business.
SWOT analysis is a technique that is widely used it accessing a business’ strengths,
weaknesses, opportunities and threats. However, only strengths and weaknesses will be relevant
in analyzing the internal aspects of Aldali Inc. this is because the opportunity and threats are part
of the factors within the external scoop of the business.
The strengths are the differentiating factors, skills, resources and competencies that set
Aldali Inc. apart. When properly exploited, each of these strengths should help the company
seize the available opportunities and eliminate threats. The strengths of Aldali Inc. include its
differentiated product, partnership with Flayco Products, strong research and development
(R&D), and its product distribution network.
One of the strengths that Aldali Inc. has is its unique product, Asteeza Natural Body
Wonder. The product falls within a line that renowned for being affordable, easy to use, and low
rates of side effects. Aldali Inc. has, further, differentiated Asteeza Natural Body Wonder by
removing certain ingredients that are common with other producers but less popular with the
consumers. The product does not have aspirin, ibuprofen, or acetaminophen. This is relevant for
accompany that intends to stay on top of a crowded market. The company can exploit this by
emphasizing this aspect to their prospective customers in their marketing and product promotion.

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