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Qso 355 module two wbs dictionary sunnie dorsey

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Module Two WBS Dictionary The WBS Dictionary contains all the details of the WBS necessary to successfully complete the project. A WBS is a list of distin complete.Most importantly, it contains a definition of each work package, which can be thought of as a mini scope statemen Dictionary to determine the scope of the work package they have been assigned, so it is important to be clear when writing t considered a reference. Your assignment is set up for a simplified version of Sheet 1 to be completed for the project, Dinner. It is very hard to take the task of planning and summarize it into a single line since there are a number of tasks that make up work for planning a project: determine grocery list, who is responsible for what, etc. The intent was for you to layout the tas 1.2 Planning This phase is to plan what is needed for dinner and who will do what task 1.2.1 Plan the menu Determine what will be served for dinner to decide what ingredients are needed 1.2.2 Develop grocery list Look to see what ingredients you already have and make a list for what needs to be purchase This level of granularity should be done for each process group. WBS Code Task Name 1 1.1 1.1.1 1.1.2 Family Dinner Initiation Cook or Eat Out Family Vote 1.2 Planning 1.2.1 Decide what to cook 1.2.2 Make grocery list 1.2.3 Go buy groceries 1.3 Executing 1.3.1 Prep the food 1.3.2 Cook the food 1.3.3 Set up the table 1.3.4 Plate the food 1.4 1.4.1 Control and Monitor Food temp 1.4 ...
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