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SCI 162 Wk 7 Case Study; Gayle and Patrick (AppendiX G).




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Appendix G
Case Study: Gayle and Patrick
Read the following case study about Gayle and Patrick. You may also click on the Audio: Thinking It Over
if you prefer to listen to the case study. After reviewing the case study, answer the questions on below.
Gayle and Patrick have been in a monogamous marriage for seven years. During a medical checkup,
Gayle finds that she is HIV positive. Because she has not been sexually active outside her marriage and
has never injected drugs, received a blood transfusion, or been hospitalized, she is quite certain that
Patrick must have infected her. When she calls the local health clinic to discover if Patrick has been
tested for HIV, they tell her that this information is confidential. She does not want to confront Patrick for
fear that he may not be infected and she will have to explain her own infection.
Audio: Thinking It Over
This is a difficult situation for Gayle to find herself in. She has to deal with two very large issues she's
infected with a life-threatening virus and she's living with doubt and fear about her partner. Since she's
quite certain he transmitted the virus to her, he most likely is infected. How did he become infected? In
what behavior did he participate that put him at risk, and eventually put her at risk as well? Why didn't he
tell her about it? Why didn't he have himself tested to make sure he was HIV-free? Most people in such
cases would be angry with their partners. But Gayle is holding out that there's a possibility that Patrick
isn't infected. Now she has to deal with the issue of disclosing this news to Patrick and confronting him
with the questions. This is not something she needs to be dealing with right now. What could Patrick and
Gayle have done to ensure each other's safety? What would have been the responsible thing to do?
Gayle and Patrick could and should have both been tested before becoming sexually active with one
another. Using protection during intercourse and discussing previous partners could have helped also.
1. What do you think Gayle should do?
Gayle should first, go to her doctor and make sure she takes the precautions needed to maintain
her health. Next, she absolutely should talk to Patrick. If she feels that it is too much to do alone,
find a close friend to be with her or take Patrick to her doctors so he can hear from them. She
needs to know if he is infected, how and what they are going to do from here.
2. What might you do in a similar situation?
I would make sure I did everything in my power to maintain my health for as long as possible. I
would definitely confront my partner. Not trusting the person you are with is not healthy in itself,

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and adding a potential deadly disease makes it worse. I would take my partner to my doctor to
not have him hear it form them, but to have him tested as well.
3. What laws does your state have regarding partner notification for HIV, AIDS, and other sexually
transmitted infections?
Virginia law states that it is mandatory for the person infected must disclose that to their partner.
There are cases in Virginia where the court has actually stepped in and forbidden the infected
person from having unprotected sex, whether it is mutual or not, due to their disease. What
bothers me is that there is not federal law on this topic. So, in essence, if it is appealed to a higher
court, the infected person could actually win. Our laws need to be revamped on this topic.

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