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Professionalism Name Institution PROFESSIONALISM My lifelong profession is to become a business manager To become a successful business person I have to maintain my image by(Gardner,2013) ; • Dressing well • Have the relevant qualifications • Show professionalism in my work SHORT TERM GOALS Below are the short term goals I have set for myself ton achieve my objectives(Jayawarna,2013) • Conduct research on successful business persons and how they achieved their dreams • Enroll for a bachelors degree in business administration • Look for employment in the local business areas to learn about the daily operations and challenges they face LONG TERM GOALS My long term goals include the following; • Start my own marketing advertising firm in the next 7 years • Strengthen my education qualifications by doing a masters degree in business administration • Start up a small business school in my local area that will cater to the youth who are not able to get a University’s education EDUCATION PLANS My education plans for the future are as follows: • Do a bachelors and masters degree in business administration • Take part in business seminars and gain extra knowledge Budgeting plan to cover education and career marketability needs My education will mainly be paid for through what I earn through my job My parents will also help in paying my fees incase I fail to get all the funds required I have also applied for student loans from the government ...
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