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Acted general insurance reserving and capital modelling specia

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General Insurance Reserving and Capital Modelling Specialist Principles Combined Materials Pack for exams in 2019 The Actuarial Education Company on behalf of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries All study material produced by ActEd is copyright and is sold for the exclusive use of the purchaser. The copyright is owned by Institute and Faculty Education Limited, a subsidiary of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. Unless prior authority is granted by ActEd, you may not hire out, lend, give out, sell, store or transmit electronically or photocopy any part of the study material. You must take care of your study material to ensure that it is not used or copied by anybody else. Legal action will be taken if these terms are infringed. In addition, we may seek to take disciplinary action through the profession or through your employer. These conditions remain in force after you have finished using the course. © IFE: 2019 Examinations The Actuarial Education Company SP7: Study Guide Page 1 Subject SP7 2019 Study Guide Introduction This Study Guide has been created to help guide you through Subject SP7. It contains all the information that you will need before starting to study Subject SP7 for the 2019 exams and you may also find it useful to refer to throughout your Subject SP7 journey. The guide is split into two parts:  Part 1 contains general information about the Specialist Principles subjects  Part 2 contains specific information about Subject SP7. ...
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