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Unit 1 Introduction to programming Summary • Architecture of a computer • Programming languages • Program = objects + operations • First Java program • Writing, compiling, and executing a program • Program errors 1.1 What is a computer? • Hardware – Processor – Memory – I/O units • How does it work? – Executes very simple instructions – Executes them incredibly fast – Must be programmed: it is the software, i.e., the programs, that characterize what a computer actually does 1.2 Components of a computer 1 2 UNIT 1 1.3 Simplified architecture of a computer Keyboard Mouse Printer Modem I/O ports Disk controller Hard disk Floppy disk CD−ROM/DVD CPU Videocard Monitor Central memory Soundcard Speakers Microphone Network adapter Other PC Bus 1.4 Languages for programming a computer • Machine language 21 40 16 100 163 240 • Assembler language iload intRate bipush 100 if_icmpgt intError • High level programming languages if (intRate > 100) ... 1.5 Programs The programs characterize what a computer actually does. A program (independently of the language in which it is written) is constituted by two fundamental parts: • a representation of the information (data) relative to the domain of interest: objects • a description of how to manipulate the representation in such a way as to realize the desired functionality: operations To write a program both aspects have to be addressed. 1.6 Example: CallCenter Application: ...
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