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University of the people bus 5110 managerial accounting written assignment unit 5

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UNIVERSITY OF THE PEOPLE MASTERS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA) BUS 5110: MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT UNIT 5 Case Study: Papaya Partners DR JACENT GAYLE DECEMBER 2021 1|Page Depending on the cost data as well as sales quantity given about Papaya Partners, I have analyzed their productivity against the budget while recommending the next cause of action to be taken. The amount of papaya sold, both budgeted and actual, can be established by dividing $500,000 against $25 per carton which amounts to 20,000 cartons from the given data. The Analysis Standard Cost per Unit (Carton) and Actual Cost per Unit The term standard cost refers to the exact cost per unit. (Heisinger, n.d.) The same formula is used to establish the actual cost per carton as follows: Table 1: Calculation 1: Standard Cost Per Carton and Actual Cost per Carton Items Calculations Results Standard Cost Per Carton Budgeted Total Costs / Units (Cartons) $15 (AP) Actual Cost Per Carton Actual Total Costs / Units (Cartons) $20.3 Direct Material Price Variances and Direct Material Utilization Variances The direct material price variance refers to the distinction between actual material costs and budgeted material costs as per the set standards. The material amount variance is the distinction between the actual amounts of material utilized in production and budgeted materials that ought to have been utilized in the production as per the standards. (Heisinger, n.d.) In this case, since bot ...
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