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RES 342 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Two or More Sample Hypothesis Testing Paper




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Two Sample Hypothesis 1
Two-Sample Hypothesis Testing Paper

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Two Sample Hypothesis 2
Two Sample Hypothesis Testing Paper
A team study indicates the preliminary data shows that most individuals making over
$40,000 per year attended school 12+ years, only a few of the individuals had fewer than seven
years of education under his or her belt. The study further shows that the work experience for the
individuals who returned to college were in a range from five to 44 years in age. In contrast,
individuals who attend school for fewer than 12 years are making less than $40,000 per year,
whereas most individuals are not making a large amount of money, his or her experience ranges
from 19 years to 54 years. The one-sample hypothesis was informative, but the team will
continue the study to expand their knowledge.
Purpose of Research
The study team made a determination that there is significant difference between wages
and education. The test results demonstrate that there is a significant educational influence on
individuals’ wages. Even though the results listed on the tables may not seem like a large gap in
wages it is still a noticeable difference. Historically, the creation and design of positions were for
the benefits of men. Males represented in the polled population made a significant amount per
year more than the women did in the polled population. The alternative hypothesis would be
correct in that the difference in wages is less than 50% of individuals with 12 or more years of
education versus individuals with fewer than 12 years of education. The team will continue to
focus on the subject matter of education and wages by conducting a two-sample test.
The study team is familiar with the logics and applications of hypothesis testing.
However, the study team will expand their knowledge by considering two-sample tests. “Two-
sample tests compare two sample estimates with each other, whereas one sample tests compare a
sample estimate with a non-sample benchmark, (Doane & Seward, 2007, p. 395).” Additionally,

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Two Sample Hypothesis 3
two-sample tests are beneficial because they have a built-in point of comparison. According to
Doane & Seward (2007), “The logic of two sample tests is based on the fact that two samples
drawn from the same population may yield different estimates of a parameter due to chance.”
Definition of Problem
For years, males are the dominating factor in holding positions within the workforce.
Education was not a major influence for obtaining a position, but rather gender. Whereas, women
are slowly entering executive position to earn the same wages as men, the research is hoping to
reveal whether the education women have received has not made a significant change in the
wages earned by women. Changing times project strong diversity within organizations today.
Women are obtaining a higher status quo in the workforce. Additionally, organizations are
employing more women in executive positions. Because organizations are continually increasing
the number of females as staff members, individuals are curious to know if the wage for females
is higher than the wages for the male population. The data provided below will assist the team
during the research process and will help determine whether or not the study team should reject
the null hypothesis indicating that there is a significant wage difference between male and
Hypothesis Statement Formulated
Five-Step Hypothesis Testing
Our five-step hypothesis test will be formulated as follows and will help the study team
demonstrate whether male individuals earn a higher wage than their counterpart does:
Step 1 – Formulate the Hypothesis

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