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Business intelligence, analytics and data science Chapter 6 – Case Studies BY STUDENT NAME American Airlines Uses should –Cost Modeling to assess the Uncertainty of Bids for Shipment Routes ❑ American Airlines, Inc (AA) is among the largest airlines. ❑ It is aim is passenger transportation. ❑ Other functions include full-truckload freight shipment of maintenance equipment and in-flight shipment of passenger. Methodology/solution ❑ Use of primary and secondary sources. ❑ Cost variables were chosen ❑ The DPL decision analysis software was used. Results/benefits ❑ Pilot test was applied and attracted bids from six FTL carriers. ❑ Five were noted to be within the three standard deviations according to the mean. ❑ The model aimed at helping the reduction of risks of either underpaying or overpaying the suppliers. Pennsylvania adoption exchange uses spreadsheet model to better match children with families ❑ The company was established in 1979 through the state of Pennsylvania with an aim of helping the country and other non profit agencies in the finding of prospective families for orphan children that are adopted due to special needs. ❑ Keeps records about children and the preference families that are adopted. ❑ Finds permanent homes for children. Methodology/solutions ❑ The PAE collects information on orphans and families by the use of online survey that includes a new set of questions. ❑ The information collected i ...
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