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ProQuest The Impact of Multi Core Computing on Computational Optimization (Midelkoop 2012)

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Proceedings of the 2012 Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference G. Lim and J.W. Herrmann, eds. The Impact of Multi-Core Computing on Computational Optimization Timothy Middelkoop Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Florida PO Box 116595, Gainesville FL 32611-6595, U.S.A. Abstract In this paper we confront the challenges that emerging multi-core architectures are placing on the optimization community. We first identify the unique challenges of multi-core computing followed by a presentation of the performance characteristics of the architecture. We then present a motivating example, the distributed Bellman-Ford shortest path algorithm, to demonstrate the impact that multi-core architectures have on computation showing that traditional approaches to parallelization do not scale. We subsequently modify the algorithm to take full advantage of multi-core systems and demonstrate scalability with some numerical results. Keywords multi-core computation, Bellman-Ford shortest path, distributed computation, algorithm performance instrumentation 1. Introduction Multi-core computing will change the way in which we perceive computation and the way in which we build computational optimization algorithms. In the past Moore’s Law [12] has afforded the optimization community the luxury of free performance increases over the past decades. We are currently at a crossroads where we are seeing the previous increase in serial performance replaced wit ...
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